Monnodic (GR)

Monnodic (GR)

Monnodic, serves the Electronica genre whilst creating custom Deep House Poetry and touring as a Live PA artist and multi instrumentalist. 

The artist musical background includes includes higher classical and modern music education, session-singing at New Wave DnB (London-UK) team, and experience as a producer, session Keyboardist and vocalist and has been performing contemporary music around European festivals and showcases for over decade. 

Her first year of discography and touring since May 2022 involves 2 singles and a debut album (Klik Records) and performances at Festivals such as Suburbia and Morphic Nights by TMR, Electric Nights, Icaria Festival, Bio Mechanical Festival, Athens Music Week, EMD, a series of session performances at Athens Riviera – Nalu with Cosmo Shapes Dj duo (Cafe Anatolia), with her duo project NOHMA and as an export artist at Vesprem Hungary within the European Capitals cultural exchange at 2023. She is also part of the electronic community “Members of Dance”. 

Being passionate with aesthetics, she makes a transition to her true sound while playing live while her hybrid live sets – spiritual, groovy, full of senses – are a complete one woman show production comprising live looping & PA, dawless composition and electronic percussion & synths flirting with genres such as Deep House, Balearic, Tech and Melodic House.




Country: Greece


Day 01 - 22 May 2024
20:30 - 01:00

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