Monnodic (GR)

Monnodic serves her music style faithfully comprising ethereal vocals, urban music idioms and electronic elements. Her musical background includes higher classical & modern music education in Greece and the UK, session-singing at New Wave DnB (London-UK) team, and work experience as a producer, session Keyboardist and vocalist. She has presented her previous projects in European Festivals with recent highlights: Jazz & Blues Rallye 2018 & 19 (LUX), Milano Music Week 2018 (IT) & Athens Music Week 2019 (GR).

Her live sets are a “one woman show” on production, live looping & PA, electronic percussion & synths. Being passionate with aesthetics,she declares that the real deal is when she makes a transition to her true sound while playing live. Her upcoming album “Dive” is a mirage between break beats, Soulful & Deep house and the utopic spaces of Melodic techno, while her debut single “Butter Cookies” is freshly released by Klik Records.

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