Distribution Revolution

  • 24/06 18:00 - 19:30

Distribution Revolution

Produttori Musicali Indipendenti, Digital Music Day and Music Tech Europe Academy sponsored by Merlin present a workshop about the evolution of music distribution.

In the first part of the workshop, Chris Cooke (Co-founder and MD of CMU) will explain how the role of the music distributor has evolved over the last two decades as distribution companies have expanded the ways that they work with independent music businesses, increasingly moving into the so-called artist and label services.

In the second part Montse De Las Heras (Altafonte’s Operations Director), a Merlin Member that has been there during these revolutionary times, will share some insights on how the way of distributing music has changed over the years and which is the added value to be a Merlin Member during these times.

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Chris Cooke
Founder & Managing Director - CMU
Montse de las Heras
Operations Director - Altafonte