Cinemon (PL)

Cinemon (PL)

An analog power trio from Cracow, Poland. Musically between classic rock, 90’s Seattle scene and contemporary alternative, they’re not shying away from experiments outside of the genres. It’s just supposed to be noisy and true.

Defying the “official industry”, they’ve been walking their own paths throughout the world – they’ve played a few hundred shows in 11 countries (including Canada, Germany, Ukraine, Macedonia and more).

Their discography consists of 7 releases, on their favourite vinyls, too Worked with the best people of rock, such as Mark Rains (Rival Sons) or Denis Blackham (Eric Clapton, Black Sabbath).

Their music gets airplay regularly on the best alternative radio stations in Poland (357, Antyradio, Trojka) but, still, it tastes the best served live. You can test this statement on AMW!

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Χώρα: Πολωνία
Μουσικό Είδος: Alternative-Rock