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Our Story

What is AMW?

Athens Music Week (AMW) is a Βοutique conference & showcase festival, which takes place in the City of Athens, each Spring, set in several locations, sites, and venues, such as the “Technopolis” hub of cultural events.  It is an alternative destination, where music fans and industry experts from “Eastern Med” countries meet to interact, share diversified music experiences, and exchange knowledge regarding contemporary multi-cultural market directions.

Our vision

Athens Music Week was founded in 2018, with the vision to offer a one-of-a-kind cultural and musical experience for music fans and industry insiders alike.


Its main goal is to foster connections among music and art professionals from international markets and allow them to:


their regional music on the global market

Exchange knowledge

and discover innovation without boundaries


the contemporary Greek lifestyle

A weeklong festival

Interact and network

To this end, Athens Music Week organizes an international Festival and a Conference. Designed with a focus towards the needs of upcoming artists, independent promoters, music industry experts, and entrepreneurs from South-Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean & the Balkan regions, Athens Music Week is an alternative destination, where music fans can interact with upcoming bands, and grass-root talent can seek assistance in a broad range of music business-related matters.

A perfect balance

Βοutique conference & showcase festival

Combining a Showcase Festival philosophy with the “problem-solving” orientation of a Music Conference, Athens Music Week encompasses arts, heritage, innovation, technology, and urban/folk culture, along with various entertainment-driven topics. All, perfectly balanced within a hybrid environment which accelerates entrepreneurship, collaboration, and meaningful social interactions.


A living music lab!


The legendary historic capital of Greece is one of Europe’s most vibrant hotspots, counting hundreds of music bars and open stage/in-venue shows.

Technopolis, housed within the historic former gasworks plant of Athens, is a unique industrial cultural multi-space, receiving more than 1,000,000 visitors per year.

Every year, Technopolis is transformed into a “living music lab”, featuring numerous workshops, panels, seminars, interviews, screenings, and VIP roundtables on a daily basis, as part of the annual Conference. And when the night comes, Athens Music Week Festival hosts top-notch Live Shows, meet & greet gigs, networking dinners, cocktail parties, and other authentic experiences around the city which just so happens to be one of the most popular summer destinations worldwide.

Where the East meets the West

Why in Athens?

Nestled in between the Asian, African and European continents, Greece is positioned at the crossroads of Eastern and Western civilizations, creating a unique advantage and opportunity for Athens Music Week to sync great cultures, blend multi-ethnic talent pools, and eventually connect market experts from the private and public music sector.

Athens Music Week