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The civil non-profit company under the name “Meso Events” (hereinafter “Company”) through this website (hereinafter the website) offers its services under the following terms of use, which may updated and modified without prior notice.

Visitors / users are requested to carefully read the terms and conditions of use of the website and visit / use its pages / services, only if they fully accept them. By using the website and / or the services of it even after any changes may occur means the unconditional acceptance by the visitor / user of these terms.

The Company is not responsible for any damage or loss related to technical issues which may occur by using this website.

The visitors / users of this website accept and agree to its terms of use, which apply to all content of the site including the graphics, images, photos and files contained therein, therefore, the visitors / users must review these terms carefully before using this site. If they do not agree, they should not use the services and content of the site.

Except of the specified exceptions (copyright of third parties and affiliates), the entire content of the website including images, graphics, photos, drawings, texts, services provided and in general all the files of this website, are copyright, trademarks and registered service marks of the Company and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and International conventions and treaties.

Therefore, none of them may be sold, copied, modified, reproduced, republished in whole or in part or uploaded, transmitted or distributed in any way except in the case of individual storage of a single copy of the content on a simple personal computer, for personal and not public or commercial use and without deleting the indication of their origin from the website, without the intellectual and industrial property rights being affected in any way

The visitors/users of the web pages and services of the website assumes liability for any damage caused to the Company due to misuse or improper use of the website.

Under any circumstances, including the case of negligence, the website bears no liability for any kind of damage suffered by the visitors/users of the web pages, services, options and contents of the website to which they proceed on their own initiative and having knowledge of the terms hereof.

The contents of the website are provided “as is” without any warranty expressed or implied in any way.

The Company does not guarantee that the pages, services, options and contents will be provided without interruption, without errors and that errors will be corrected. Also, it does not guarantee that the same or any other related site or servers through which they are made available to users / members, do not contain viruses or other harmful components.

The Company does not guarantee in any case the correctness, completeness or availability of the contents, pages, services, preferences or their results.

Access to the pages / services of this website does not imply any additional costs other than the current pricing regime for general internet access, as set up by competent providers and paid to them only.

The Company does not control the availability, the content, the privacy policy, the quality and completeness of the services of other sites (websites) and pages to which it refers through links (hyperlinks) or banners.

Therefore, for any problem that occurs during their visit / use, users must go directly to the respective sites (websites) and pages, which are fully responsible for the provision of their services.

The Company in no case should be considered to embrace or accept the content or services of the web sites and pages to which it refers or links in any other way.

The above terms and conditions of use of the site, as well as any modification thereof, are governed by and supplemented by Greek law, European Union law and relevant international treaties.

Any provision of the above terms becomes contrary to law, automatically ceases to be valid and is removed from the present, without in any way affecting the validity of the other terms.

This constitutes the entire agreement between the Company and the visitors / users of its pages and services and binds only them. No modification of these terms will be considered and will not form part of this agreement unless it has been formulated in writing and incorporated into it.

For questions regarding the responsibility you may have by reproducing the content of the node or importing content into it, as well as for requests of approval of reproduction of material or copyright issues, you can contact the email info@athensmusicweek.gr

If you have noticed any problems in the content of the node related to legal or ethical issues, please notify us via email info@athensmusicweek.gr to proceed with their immediate treatment.

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