Artists Unplugged: Raw Talk on Breaking Through

  • 23/05 16:00 - 17:00
  • Purifier

Artists Unplugged: Raw Talk on Breaking Through

This session offers a rare opportunity to hear from pioneering artists from diverse backgrounds in a candid dialogue about the music industry’s evolving landscape. We are excited to present an exceptional lineup, including Saske, Alkyone, Barrice (Beyond/Zen) from Greece, and La Chica from France & Venezuela.

In this unfiltered discussion, they will delve into the realities of making music today, leveraging digital platforms, embracing non-traditional revenue streams, and building strong communities. They’ll share pivotal moments and strategies that have enabled them to break boundaries and resonate with global audiences.

Our guests will also reveal how they’ve achieved remarkable success while staying true to their artistic roots. Expect a profound exchange of ideas as they share genuine insights and stark truths—no filters, just music and its creators.

Presented by Stay Independent

Moderator: Michalis Kamakas (GR)

Michalis Kamakas (GR)
Journalist, Radio Producer
La Chica (FR/VE)
Musician, Singer, Songwriter
Alkyone (GR)
Musician, Singer, Songwriter
Barrice - Beyond/ZEN (GR)
Producer & Songwriter, Stay Independent
Saske (GR)
Singer, Stay Independent