From the Balkans to the Moon: Dream Global, Build Local

  • 24/05 13:00 - 14:00
  • Purifier

From the Balkans to the Moon: Dream Global, Build Local

Part Two: Reverse Pitch Session: Meet Agents, Export Offices, and Festival Bookers of the Balkan, Central & the Southeastern Europe Touring Ecosystem

Building on the insights from Part One, this Reverse Session provides a unique opportunity to meet some of the critical stakeholders in the Balkan, Central & Southeastern European touring ecosystem. Engage directly with agents, export offices, festival and venue bookers to find the contacts and help artists navigate and succeed in these vibrant markets.

Host: Lisa Nasta (UK)

Lisa Nasta (UK)
Green Futures Field, Glastonbury & Re-Play Music Academy Kidz Field
Achilleas Stavrou (GR)
Promoter & Production Manager / Co-founder, Goodheart Production
Andreas Trachonitis (CY)
Director, Louvana Records / Studio eleven63
Dániel Sándor (HU)
Co-founder & Artist Manager, Launching Gagarin Records & Management
Duygu Mühürdar (TR)
Booking Agent / Ethnomusicologist / Programmer
Katja Thalerová (SK)
PM, LALA Slovak Music Export / Partnerships Manager, Sharpe Festival
Marianna Tanska (UA)
Project Manager, Music Export Ukraine
Nikos Stefanidis (GR)
Promoter / Festival organiser / Partner, Principal Club Theatre
Primoz Kristan (SI)
Secretary General of Slovenian Music Information Centre, SIGIC
Zoi Eskitzopoulou (UK)
Artist Booker, Gotobeat
Zosia Matysik (PL)
Co-owner, Delta Booking & Publishing
Christos Papanantsidis (GR)
Owner, Made of Stone Productions & Recordings / Organizer of MammothFest