Project Pitch: Lapee

  • 25/06 17:19 - 17:22

Project Pitch: Lapee

Lapee is the female urinal for outdoor events.

Lapee was founded to improve gender equality by giving women the right to pee efficiently  in a secure and clean environment.

As one has certainly noticed, when it comes to pee, festivals or any outdoor events, are usually under equipped for womxn. At least, that’s what the founders of Lapee have experienced, who over time, observed how nightmarish this situation for womxn becomes when toilets get pressured. Womxn usually face the dilemma of getting in an insanely long queue or an improvised, unsafe, unhygienic and degrading backup plan commonly known as « hiding behind the bushes ».

With Lapee, womxn can finally focus on the event, experience the concert and stay together with their friends.

Founded and produced in Denmark. Lapee is available in 12 different countries.

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