Opening Doors: Proactive Touring Strategies for Emerging Artists

  • 23/05 14:30 - 15:45
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Opening Doors: Proactive Touring Strategies for Emerging Artists

“Opening Doors: Proactive Touring Strategies for Emerging Artists” gathers experienced industry professionals to provide actionable insights on securing touring opportunities. The panel will underscore the importance of building and maintaining robust industry relationships to unlock new opportunities. Panelists will provide practical tips on optimising each touring opportunity for long-term career growth and offer detailed advice on securing various forms of funding.

Additionally, the discussion will outline what Programme Directors, booking agents typically look for in bands and artists, offering insights that can significantly improve an artist’s chances of being chosen for performances. The session will also explore ways for artists to think creatively about marketing, performances, and collaborations to stand out and captivate new audiences.

Following this panel, there will be a Q&A session, and you will also have the chance to meet the panellists. Stick around, if you can!

Presented by HEMI Music Hub

Moderator: Diego Pablos

Diego Pablos (ES)
Christophe Spagnuolo (FR)
Booking Agent, Zamora Productions
Cesar Andion (ES)
The Spanish Wave / Live Nation Spain / Mad Cool Festival
Paulina Parvanov (AT)
Founder, Raspberry Soda / Conference Manager, Waves Vienna
Katja Thalerová (SK)
PM, LALA Slovak Music Export / Partnerships Manager, Sharpe Festival
Lisa Nasta (UK)
Green Futures Field, Glastonbury & Re-Play Music Academy Kidz Field
Carina Sava (RO)
Founder & Artist Manager, Watermelon Agency / Founder, Women in Music Romania