Showcase: Birds of Vale (GR)

  • 24/05 22:10 - 22:35
  • Arch Club - Live Stage

Showcase: Birds of Vale (GR)

Birds of Vale were formed in early 2020 in Athens, and at the end of the same year their debut double single Devil in / Beautiful Girl was released by Bitter Tea Records, produced by Alex Bolpasis, which received excellent reviews. Their music is deeply rooted in the 70’s heavy blues/rock n roll sound, mixed with a modern twist. Bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are constant reference points in their music. Having played in various venues in 2023, they entered the studio and recorded their first LP “Limbo”, which was released in February 2024 via Bitter Tea Records, preceded by singles “Sungun” and “Caviar”.