Showcase: DJ Booker & MC Yinka (GR)

  • 24/05 23:20 - 23:45
  • Gazi View

Showcase: DJ Booker & MC Yinka (GR)

DJ Booker & MC Yinka are two of the most recognizable artists in Greece with a heavy history in Hip-Hop discography and culture.

They joined forces and released together the album “Night Lights”. Music for Spiritual Gangsters and Urban Jedis. Representing the rats and the marginalized of the city through

their sound by creating a dope zone of vibes.

Would that be all? They have not even started yet..

Live on stage, DJ Booker & MC Yinka do not limit their performance on one genre but they expand their show by blending Hip-Hop with Reggae, Funk, Grime and various Bass styles, inspired by the Sound System culture.

A freedom dance under the perfect control of The Inspectah Noise – DJ Booker and the imposing figure of MC Yinka on the mic.

DJ Booker managed to distinguish himself in the DJ scene starting in early 2000 by placing 3rd and 4th in the DMC Greece competitions. He has been the DJ of the Hip-Hop group Active Member for 4 years, and has been making his own music over that period.

Furthermore, DJ Booker is also the founder of the digital label “Breathe Records”, releasing Drum & Bass, Dubstep and Glitch-Hop. DJ Booker has collaborated with many musicians including Cayetano, Fulleffekt team and Social Waste, and he has shared the stage with legends such as DJ Krush, DJ Q-Bert, Non Phixion, Psycho Realm, Dilated Peoples, Jedi Mind Tricks, Bonobo, DJ Vadim and many others.

ΜC Yinka was born and raised in Athens, bringing with him his Nigerian roots and their big

music tradition. Fully devoted to music since ‘98, he always represents his vibes with originality and style.

Whether it’s a Hip-Hop, Drum & Bass, Funk or a Reggae beat, his flow is unique and MC Yinka demonstrates his skills and abilities to adjust to it.

An experienced performer on stage, member of the World Pop band Imam Baildi, with countless appearances in concerts and festivals, MC Yinka has also supported at live events internationally-known artists such as Method Man, GZA, Orishas, Delinquent Habits, Thievery Corporation, The Skatalites and others.

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