Showcase: La Sra. Tomasa (ES)

  • 23/05 23:40 - 00:05
  • Arch Club - Live Stage

Showcase: La Sra. Tomasa (ES)

La Sra. Tomasa, a Barcelona-based musical project, fuses electronic and live instruments to craft a distinct blend of Latin, funk, reggae, hip hop, trap, and drum ‘n bass. With seven musicians on stage, they revive live music’s essence in a modern context, earning a global following through over 40 European performances and collaborations with artists like Stonebwoy and Coely. Their resilience brought them success with a Mexican tour, selection for SXSW, and performances at international festivals, including Vietnam. In 2023, they expanded into Colombia and the United States, gracing venues like New York’s Lincoln Center and Milwaukee’s Summer Fest. They kicked off 2024 with the release of their EP “¡Suena!,” hinting at more to come.