Project Pitch: Sound Particles

  • 23/06 16:55 - 16:59

Project Pitch: Sound Particles

“Imagine if we could use the power of computer graphics but for sound… That is Sound Particles.”

Sound Particles created a new type of audio software, using concepts from computer graphics, but applied to sound, capable of generating thousands of sounds around you.

Our products are currently being used in videogame companies such as Blizzard, Epic Games or PlayStation, and in all major Hollywood studios, in productions such as Game of Thrones, Frozen II, Star Wars.

2021 is the year we bring our powerful software into the Music world. Recently we released “Energy Panner” and “Brightness Panner” plugins which allow you to bring more life to your mixes. And in a few weeks, we will release the new generation of Sound Particles, with all the features musicians want, which will unleash your creativity.”

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