Stage Presence: Amplifying Leadership Skills in Music

  • 24/05 11:00 - 12:00
  • Innovathens 1st Floor

Stage Presence: Amplifying Leadership Skills in Music

Navigating the intricate landscape of the modern workplace demands adept leadership, guiding teams towards effective outcomes. Leadership manifests in various forms in the music business, often transcending conventional notions.

It begins with the artist, whose craft guides and captivates audiences, setting the tone for inspiration and connection. Likewise, a manager takes charge, steering her artists through the industry’s complexities and fostering growth and success. Meanwhile, a tour agent meticulously orchestrates every detail, ensuring seamless execution and unforgettable experiences. Amidst these roles, leadership thrives in its traditional guise and the subtleties of influence and example.

The workshop targets leaders across various roles – agents, artists, managers, new leaders, and entrepreneurs. It will also offer strategies to seasoned leaders seeking to refine methodologies and managers transitioning into leader roles, providing actionable insights and practical skills, enabling you to lead confidently.

Engage in constructive discussions, dissecting team dynamics, fostering cooperation, and maintaining excellence.

Presented by HEMI Music Hub

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Fatiha Ben Brahim (NL)
Business Consultant & Leadership Coach