Adina Popescu (RO)

Adina Popescu (RO)

Co-founder, Sync About It

Alumni of the HEMI Incubation Programme 2022 and Co-founder of Sync About It, the first music conference and camp in Romania (and most probably the CEE) with main focus on sync. A Cultural Worker, Adina has a background of almost 9 years in advertising and more than 10 in film festivals, with clients ranging from Commercial (Pepsi, Mastercard) to more recently Cultural ones (SAGA festival, Neversea festival, One World Romania, film production houses). Pepsi was her introduction to the plethora of possibilities that can arise from a collaboration between artists and brands. Her career also includes being part of the organising teams of film festivals – TIFF Romania being the most important in Romania, where she coordinated all musical events (concerts, cine-concerts). Same for Alba Iulia Music & Film Festival, while for Les Fils de Cannes a Bucarest, BIEFF or Anim’est she was a consultant on various matters, including production. On top of these she is also a DIY music promoter and is a partner in the Sqweez! Queer Techno community.






Ημέρα 04 - 25 Μαΐου 2024
14:30 - 14:45
Unlock Your Sync Potential. Introducing Sync About It.