Andra Vasile (RO)

Andra Vasile (RO)

Co-founder, Sync About It

Sync manager and A&R administrator at Global Records, one of the most prominent independent record labels in CEE. Andra has over 12 years of experience in several sectors of the music business including PR and communication, concert promotion, event organising (from music camps to music awards ceremonies and festivals), artist management, booking, A&R and sync. Some of the events include artists such as Placebo, The Hollywood Vampires, Slash, Metallica, etc.. She took part in organising and communicating Michael Bolton’s concert in Cairo in 2016. In the sync area she worked with clients such as Vodafone, Netflix, Sky TV Channel, About You, Amazon or Fashion Days. Andra has been working for the past 10 years as a PR Manager for East European Comic Con. In 2023, together with Mastering the Music Business and Magma Agency (sync agency from the Netherlands), Andra put together a sync camp at Global Records with 30 participants and 7 studios active simultaneously. Andra Vasile was also part of the HEMI Incubation Programme of 2022.





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