Carlotta Põdra (EE)

Carlotta Põdra (EE)

Dj, Singer, Songwriter, Dj duo ÖÖ / midnight may

Carlotta, part of the energetic DJ duo ÖÖ, has been actively contributing to the Estonian house music scene for the past five years. Her journey began with a deep appreciation for music and a desire to share it with others. Carlotta has had the privilege of gracing stages at notable events such as the electronic music festival Kõu, the theatre festival Draama, and the admired LGBTQ+ event series Vikerruum, earning recognition for her spirited performances. While Carlotta values her role as a performer, she finds equal fulfillment in her behind-the-scenes work as an event organizer. Through her event series such as ÖÖ, Motivatsiöön, and Sümbioos, she strives to create inclusive spaces for music lovers to come together and celebrate their shared passion. 

Carlotta’s success can be attributed to the meaningful connections she has forged within the local music community. Collaborating with like-minded artists and venues has enriched her artistic journey and led to unforgettable experiences for audiences. Based in Tartu, the European Capital of Culture 2024, Carlotta finds inspiration in her surroundings and looks forward to the exciting opportunities that this year holds. With her unwavering dedication to her craft and a deep love for house music, Carlotta continues to contribute to the Estonian music scene, one heartfelt performance at a time.





Ημέρα 03 - 24 Μαΐου 2024
14:30 - 15:30
Beyond the Turntables: DJs as Cultural Pioneers in Modern Society