Christos Melidis (GR)

Christos Melidis (GR)

Founder, Cool Geeks

Christos Melidis is the Founder of Cool Geeks, an Athens-based media and entertainment company dedicated to producing engaging talk shows and podcasts centered around youth culture. With a keen eye for trends and a deep understanding of today’s digital landscape, Christos has established Cool Geeks as a go-to platform for insightful discussions and entertaining content. Driven by a passion for amplifying diverse voices and perspectives, Christos has cultivated a vibrant community of creators and enthusiasts within the youth culture space. 

Cool Geeks has become synonymous with innovation, creativity, and authenticity, connecting with audiences across various digital platforms. With a forward-thinking approach and a dedication to pushing boundaries, Cool Geeks continues to shape the future of media and entertainment, one podcast at a time.



Χώρα: Ελλάδα


Ημέρα 04 - 25 Μαΐου 2024
16:15 - 17:00
Streaming Killed the Video Star: Ο ρόλος των μουσικών video στην σημερινή μουσική βιομηχανία