Claudia Schwarz

Co-Founder & VP MusicTech Germany, Managing Partner WickedWork, german.innovation

Claudia is a Strategic Advisor for Innovation and Emerging Technologies with a focus on MusicTech and  Creative Technologies, Sustainability and Social Impact Tech, AI & Machine Learning and Tech Ethics, Smart (Creative) City Strategies and Cross-Innovation as well as future-facing innovative conference & festival curation and formats and the promotion of (more) diversity in Tech. 

With an academic background in Comparative Cultural Studies, New Media and Business, past and current projects have been deeply rooted in the international creative community and creative technologies, especially music & film tech, synch and immersive media as well as new and copyright-observing licensing and business models involving creative content. 

A strong advocate for interdisciplinary collaborations and cross-innovation, Claudia seeks to connect stakeholders from different fields within the tech community with a shared goal of promoting (cross)-innovation, using “tech for good” and collectively working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In 2017, she co-founded MusicTech Germany and the Creative Tech Innovation Catalyst WickedWork (Berlin). 

Claudia is Managing Partner of the Innovation Strategy Advisory and Networking Agency “german.innovation” (Hamburg). In 2020, german.innovation co-founded Innovation Bridge Europe (Amsterdam), a pan-European network of innovators, to better facilitate transnational knowledge exchange and to create meaningful business and collaboration opportunities.

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