Damiano Picci (LU)

Damiano Picci (LU)

Strategy & Innovation, Beast Records & Velvet Flare

Damiano PICCI is the Co-Owner and Strategy & Innovation Manager of Beast Records, CEO and Studio Director of Velvet Flare, Creative Entrepreneur and a contemporary digital music composer from Luxembourg. After music studies at the Conservatoire de Luxembourg and a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Darmstadt with the topic of conceptualizing and designing a musical interactive artificial intelligence based on supervised learning, Damiano Picci founded his first company in 2018. 

After an exciting stint at Galaxy Studios in Antwerp, gaining invaluable experience in the field of spatial sound and orchestral music, Damiano returned to Luxembourg focusing more on composing music for dance, theater and immersive installations, using traditional composing techniques as well as conceptualizing and designing musical interactive artificial intelligences and generative music systems while pushing the boundaries between music and coding. Since then, in collaboration with his partners, he has established seven companies that delve into various cultural and media sectors, all the while developing the professional growth of Luxembourg’s creative industries. 

Owing to his strategic vision and diverse skills, Damiano has executed a plethora of projects, ranging from promoting performing artists to conceptualizing immersive media installations, ensuring every creative niche benefits from his expertise.


Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/damiano-picci/


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