Lina Nikolakopoulou (GR)

Lina Nikolakopoulou (GR)


She was born in Methana. She studied social and political sciences at Panteion University. At the same time, she attended courses in cinematography, theater directing and classical guitar.

In discography she appeared as a lyricist for the first time with composer Stamatis Kraounakis in 1981. Her writing is strong and special, her speech is complex and current, her topical and timeless themes have shaped her strong and very loved imprint, contributing decisively to today’s image of singing art in our country. She has collaborated with the most important Greek composers and performers. Her writings have been performed on theatrical stages, while her artistic collaborations with foreign composers and creators (Goran Bregović, Nikola Piovani, Ara Dindjian, Kiki Lesentric, etc.) have brought to fruition in popular songs and important collaborations.

From 1985 until today, she has curated many musical performances, successfully overturning the current perception of night entertainment, introducing the theatre’s creative distinct roles (of the director, scenographer and lighting) into musical productions. Her songs have been translated in many countries: Israel, Turkey, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Norway, France and Spain.

She participated in the team of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games ATHENS 2004, as a literary and writing consultant. She wrote the lyrics for the song of the Olympic Torch Relay, ” Να το φως”, with music by Trevor Horn, which was performed by Yiannis Kotsiras. In September 2004 she was awarded the Silver Cross of the Order of the Phoenix by the President of the Republic, Kostis Stephanopoulos. In 1991, a collection of her lyrics from the 80s-90s was published by “Filippos Nakas” music publications, entitled In full.

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