Marios Ntavelis / Fundracar (GR)

Marios Ntavelis / Fundracar (GR)

Founder, Songwriter, Composer, Singer, Guitarist, Fundracar

Marios Ntavelis was born on May 13, 1979, in Athens, Greece. He is a renowned Greek singer and composer who has captivated audiences with his soulful music and powerful voice. Ntavelis around 15 years ago formed a band called Fundracar, which became an instant hit with Greek audiences. The band’s enchanting sound, which combined rock, reggae, and folk elements, resonated deeply with audiences and earned them numerous accolades. Under Ntavelis’ leadership, Fundracar released three successful albums, including “Plakosou”, “Lux” and “Alpha Frequency”, which featured hit singles like “Obi Wan”, and “Gomenes Funky”. These three albums showcased Ntavelis’ signature sound, which is characterized by poetic lyrics, intricate melodies, and emotionally charged performances. In addition to his work with Fundracar, Ntavelis has also collaborated with famous Greek rappers like Eisvoleas, Zorro Buzz, MC Yinka to name a few. 

Throughout his career, Ntavelis has remained committed to creating music that contributes to the cultural landscape of Greece. His music reflects a deep connection to his roots and a reverence for the rich musical traditions of his homeland. Today, Marios Ntavelis is recognized as one of the most significant voices in contemporary Greek music. His music has touched the hearts of millions and has earned him a devoted following.



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