Marko Dješka (HR)

Marko Dješka (HR)

Artist, OHOHO festival

Comic artist, illustrator and animation director from Croatia. His student films ‘Slaughtered’ (2010) and ‘The Son of Satan’ (2012) earned notable success at many festivals, and the film ‘Slaughtered’ was bought by the TV station El Rey Network owned by producer Robert Rodriguez. Film ‘Ghost Town’ won the Octavian award at a festival in Zagreb as the best animated film in Croatian production in 2016. 

His recent animated film, ‘All Those Sensations in my Belly’ has won 25 awards and mentions and has been shown on more than a 200 festivals worldwide, such as Annecy in France, Outfest and Rhode Island Festival in USA, Message to Man and Big Cartoon in Russia, Animafest in Zagreb and OIAF in Ottawa (Canada) where it won the best script award too. 

He is also the co-founder of the Adriatic Animation Studio for animation production in Zagreb, and one of the organizers of the OHOHO Festival of Comics and Street Art since 2019. He’s been publishing short comics in many magazines worldwide. He is also the editor of two comic magazines OHOHOzin and Strip-Prefiks.





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