Nela Peshovska (MK)

Nela Peshovska (MK)

Booking Manager, Password Production

Nela Peshovska Booking Manager Password Production Taksirat Festival D Festival PIN Conference & Showcase Festival English: If you ask Nela’s parents what she does they’ll say “we don’t know, something with music”, if you ask her friends they’ll say “she gives us free tickets to concerts” and the truth will tell my colleagues from Password Production that this is a special example that somebody from IT during pandemic to have Eureka moment and come in a dead industry named show business. There are two options for this decision: idiot or lunatic…. Choose by yourself! Nela still works on booking artists and biggest festivals in Macedonia like Taksirat, D Festival, PIN Music Conference and she is grateful for the opportunity to work in the music industry and she’s excited to see what the future holds. Impressive right…?





Ημέρα 03 - 24 Μαΐου 2024
11:30 - 11:45
Taksirat Festival & Pin Conference: Your Gateway to North Macedonia and the Balkans