Peter Astedt (SE)

Peter Astedt (SE)

CEO - Musichelp

Peter Åstedt has been working in the music industry for over 30 years. He started his own record label, Dead Frog Records, at the age of fifteen in 1990. Over the years he has started several companies in different fields in the music industry like PR, Publishing, Distribution, Sync placements, Management, Festivals, and Artist Development. Today he oversees several of the departments on Musichelp which is an umbrella company of different companies in the music industry.

Peter has also been involved in working to structure cities to become music cities. He has worked with five of the top twenty most-streamed songs in the world. He writes a popular music blog that is also published in Cashbox Magazine Canada and Record World International. He is also part owner of Cashbox Radio an international online radio station. He is now a booker and curator on Sweden’s new showcase festival Future Echoes, Norrköping Music Day and Lilla By Festivalen, and a couple of more showcase festivals. He also works with EMG collectives where he develops new artists from around the world.

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