Pop Lulia (RO)

Iulia Pop (RO)

Co-founder of Overground Music / MMB Bucharest

Iulia has been working in the Romanian music industry for more than 10 years. She is  co-founder of Overground Music, a management, booking and PR agency representing some of the biggest names of the Romanian alternative scene, as well as some of its most promising up-and-coming artists. The agency`s roster includes bands like The Mono Jacks, byron, Robin and the Backstabbers, Lucia, Grimus, Jurjak, Rockabella, Dimitri`s Bats, Eyedrops.  She coordinates the PR, media relations, radio plugin, and social media activities of the agency`s artists and also writes projects for various  financing programs.

Since 2017 Iulia is also co-organiser and Communication Manager of Mastering the Music Business, Romania’s leading music business conference.