Sadahzinia (GR)

Sadahzinia (GR)

Lyricist, Performer & Writer, Innersense Productions

The first woman who was actively involved with hip hop in Greece. Historical member of the music group Active Member and collaborator of the production team Freestyle Productions since 1994. 

She has the world’s largest personal discography of a female rap artist, with 8 personal albums and active participation in all 21 albums of Active Member, and many more. She writes lyrics, performs songs and has also been associated with music production. She has collaborated with many artists from the local music scene as well as with artists from England, Wales, Germany and more.

Since 2001 she has been studying fairy tales and writing books for children (Kastaniotis Publications, Erevnites, Elektra and KPM). She has also been translating children’s books, comics and youth literature. She has published 12 fairy tales (Kastaniotis) and many texts in the educational magazine “Synchronous Kindergarten” (Diptych Publications). In 2021 she founded the Sharma Publications and has published the book “The Eternal Community of Sarakatsans”, by Panos Pendaritsas. 

She participated in the Athens Festival with her performance in the play “Common Place” (2010). Her plays have been staged at the Petra Theatre and other theatres in Greece. Since 2001, she has been a frequent visitor to schools throughout the country, children’s festivals, and various venues such as libraries and bookstores for an original theatrical play as well as other book-related projects. She has also done adaptations of plays such as Aristophanes’ “Frogs” or adaptations of books for theatre (“The 13 Clocks”).




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