Stavros Messinis (GR)

Stavros Messinis (GR)

Founder of The Cube Athens

Stavros is the founder of The Cube Workspace, Athens’ largest coworking community, which hosts some of Greece’s best technologists.  

Prior to founding The Cube, Stavros was a software developer and had a long career working in the Government sector in Information Management roles.

Since founding The Cube, Stavros and his team have created an ecosystem that is home to most of Athens’ technology events, hackathons, innovation sessions and training events. Through coding and business bootcamps, Stavros and The Cube are creating the next generation of top tier coders and businessmakers. Recognized locally and internationally as the de-facto startup space of Greece, several major Greek startups have emerged through collaborations with The Cube and its founders. Prior to this Stavros had cofounded Greece’s first coworking community, coLab Athens.

Stavros is also an Advisor to Indiy a music industry startup