Thais Ruiz de Alda (ES)

Thais Ruiz de Alda (ES)

Founder & Executive Director, DigitalFems

Thais is the founder and Executive Director of DigitalFems, a non-profit organization that promotes female presence in technology-related environments. Thais leads research projects focused on GenderData, and assessments on technological developments and technological consulting services for digital products and services. Another major focus of her work is promoting diversity and gender policies for technology companies, public administrations, and other organizations. She also organizes workshops, training sessions, and hackathons. Thais regularly mentors technological projects. 

Before founding DigitalFems, Thais built her career in technology starting in 1999 through various roles and responsibilities. Notable positions include co-managing Thoughtworks, where, in addition to launching the company’s operations, she founded LaT, a citizen technopolitical laboratory focused on technological sovereignty, privacy, and social digital innovation. She also supported the creation of CAD, the Center for Digital Autonomy, and led the Digital Communication Strategy at the Barcelona City Council. She is currently member of the Board of Algorights. 

Some notable projects at DigitalFems include,,,, and EllesMusic. Thais holds a degree in Law and has completed postgraduate studies in Social and Political Theory, as well as Cultural Public Policies. She pursued doctoral studies in Political Theory and Public Policies at Pompeu Fabra University. She regularly participates as a speaker and has given talks at events such as the Biennial of Thought, Digital Future Society. 





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