Vikkie (GR)

Vikkie (GR)

Singer / Rapper

Vikkie, born in 1999, and Blk Cld, born in 1990, are the dynamic duo reshaping the Greek hip-hop landscape. Hailing from Athens and Xanthi, respectively, Vikkie is a rapper, singer, and songwriter, while Blk Cld’s passion for sound and music production forms the perfect synergy. Inspired by 00’s and contemporary hip-hop, the pair kickstarted their journey with DIY shows in local parks, laying the foundation for a grassroots rise. Their buzz reached beyond borders, landing them performances in Leipzig, Austria, and major Greek cultural centers. 

The duo made waves with opening acts at Athens’ premier hip-hop festivals and a standout performance at the ten-year anniversary concert of rap supergroup Joker Two-Face. Now, with an eagerly anticipated album on the horizon, Vikkie & Blk Cld are poised to make an even greater impact on the global stage



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