Ζ.Ε.Ν. (GR)

Ζ.Ε.Ν. is a new character on the map of Greek music. In his elaborate way, he draws on classical values ​​from Greek and Oriental culture and re-introduces them through a highly modern musical prism, connecting Entechno songs with contemporary musical idioms.

Inspired by the local tradition, Z.E.N. invests in timeless emotions by bringing in contact the classic with the fresh, collective memory with the need for evolution. The thrill of love, the pain of separation, the misery of alienation, and the ups and downs of life are central ideas of his records in a journey toward inner peace. Representing a generation learned in agony, uncertainty, and the constant struggle for survival, Z.E.N. turns music into a transcendental path of redemption. Influenced by Epirus, Pontus, Central Asia, and Crete and from foreign cultures such as those of Armenia, Georgia, Bulgaria, and Russia, Z.E.N.’s songs narrate stories taken from ancient mythology and the mystagogy of nature.

In collaboration with the Beyond team, Z.E.N.’s music adventure begins.  Stay tuned for his debut original album this Fall. 

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Country: Greece
Music Genre: Nu-folk Traditional