La Chica (FR/VE)

La Chica (FR/VE)

On one side of the ocean, there is Latin America. The earth is intense and full of magic. On the other side, there is Paris and Belleville. A pluriculural, urban, and modern earth. Through her music, La Chica reunites these two worlds, presenting a collage of textures and sounds, ingrained from her traditional heritage and in ux of modern infuences, breaking all modern social standards.

She created her universe around the piano and keyboard, naturally mixing her inspiration of the classics, her love of Debussy, and the profoundness of the pages of analogical synths.

Without a mask, this French/Venezuelian artist transmits a brusque state of emotion, something between abstract thoughts and introspective poetry.






Χώρα: Γαλλία
Μουσικό Είδος: Pop World


Ημέρα 02 - 23 Μαΐου 2024
22:20 - 22:45

Arch Club - Live Stage