Beyond the Turntables: DJs as Cultural Pioneers in Modern Society

  • 24/05 14:30 - 15:30
  • Innovathens Groundfloor

Beyond the Turntables: DJs as Cultural Pioneers in Modern Society

This panel discussion examines DJs’ extensive impact on shaping music and broader cultural trends. DJs are more than music selectors—they are crucial cultural innovators who introduce new sounds to global audiences, pushing musical boundaries and blending genres from various cultures. Their influence extends beyond the decks as they shape what people listen to via their significant roles in radio and streaming platforms, and their contributions are pivotal in moulding cultural identities and social landscapes.

DJs drive economic vitality in nightlife and festival scenes and set trends that influence global fashion, technology, and social norms. They advocate for sustainability and inclusivity, influencing industry practices and community behaviours. As cultural pioneers, DJs are at the forefront of adapting to rapid changes in the music industry and broader societal shifts, underlining their status as key change agents. This panel will explore DJs’ critical roles in steering cultural evolution and shaping future trends.

Moderator: Duygu Mühürdar (TR)

Duygu Mühürdar (TR)
Booking Agent / Ethnomusicologist / Programmer
Mihai Costin (DE)
COO, Paradise Worldwide
Anna Maria Krajewska (PL)
Co-organiser, Ravekjavik Festival
Carlotta Põdra (EE)
Dj, Singer, Songwriter, Dj duo ÖÖ / midnight may
Yelyzaveta Drach (UA)
Multidisciplinary Artist, ummsbiaus