Enhancing Gender Equity in the Cultural Sector: What Can Men Do?

  • 24/05 11:00 - 12:00
  • Innovathens Groundfloor

Enhancing Gender Equity in the Cultural Sector: What Can Men Do?

This panel provides an insightful examination of the current state of gender balance within Music and the wider cultural sector and analyses the role of men in fostering gender equity. We will explore the significant strides made towards gender equity, shedding light on the successes and the persistent hurdles that still need addressing. The discussion will highlight the contributions of male professionals who actively support and enhance these efforts, focusing on effective strategies and personal commitments that foster a more inclusive environment.

This session invites participants to delve into the dynamics of progress and the transformative potential of collective responsibility in shaping the future of the cultural industries. Ideal for those committed to understanding and contributing to diversity and inclusion within the music scene, amongst others!

Moderator: Carina Sava (RO)

Carina Sava (RO)
Founder & Artist Manager, Watermelon Agency / Founder, Women in Music Romania
Yana Adamovic (RS)
Artist & Activist, Association Comic-Aunties
Thais Ruiz de Alda (ES)
Founder & Executive Director, DigitalFems
Aggelos Kleitsikas (GR)
Communication & Marketing Manager, AMW / Music Journalist, Avopolis.gr
Misia Furtak (PL)
Musician / Artist Mentor
Mitja Bravhar (SI)
Acting General Manager, Centre for Urban Culture Kino Šiška