Showcase: XOAN (GR)

  • 25/05 22:50 - 23:15
  • Oddity Club

Showcase: XOAN (GR)

Athenian rockers XOAN are a four-piece band, drawing influences from the golden age of alternative rock. Their debut album, “Greenhorn” (2020), showcased their unique blend of grunge grit with a fresh perspective, while with their latest single, “Down in the Gutter” (2022), XOAN offers a glimpse into the evolution of their sound, heightening anticipation for their forthcoming album slated for release in 2024. Having earned praise for their early releases, XOAN is poised to make a significant impact on the Greek rock scene. Known for their dynamic live performances, where their tight-knit synergy electrifies the atmosphere, XOAN offers audiences an immersive musical experience. With anticipation building for their upcoming album, XOAN’s trajectory suggests a promising journey ahead.