Margarita Panagiotopoulou (GR)


Ms. Panagiotopoulou is the CEO of AUTODIA for the last 2 years. As CEO is responsible for the CMO’s strategic direction and oversee the execution of all implemented planning, towards reaching all high objectives. She also reports to the BoD on a periodic basis and on request, assisted by high executives, according to the agenda. Mrs Panagiotopoulou from 2018 is the Engagement Partner of the Financial Services of AUTODIA (Chief Financial Advisor) and she has the responsibility of the financial services of the Organization.  She has 17 years of experience in providing audit and advisory services to related companies in the industry. She holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration (Athens University of Economics and Business). She holds a PhD from the Department of Business Administration, University of the Aegean in the subject of the Audit and Accounting. She is currently Equity Partner and holds the position of Managing Director of the audit and consulting firm DFK PD AUDIT SA.

Her main responsibility is to provide accounting and consulting services to companies mainly in the Collective Management Organizations, Insurance, Industrial and Commercial Sector. She is also specialized at specific financial audits on capital increases, acquisitions and mergers as well as fraud audits. Her role as Audit Partner includes the supervision and guidance of the audit and consulting team, defining the importance of the design of controls and the review of all major deliverables of projects to customers. She also participates in committees in and outside the company to analyze and elaborate various accounting and auditing issues.

Country: Greece