Argalios (GR)

Argalios (GR)

Argalios is a musical ensemble that draws inspiration from traditional music around the world, and especially Greek folk music, to create a contemporary sound with a distinctive style and emphasis on improvisation. Could Rachmaninoff, Bill Evans, and the Chalkiades participate in the same dance?

Although a trio, Alex Iossifidis (piano/arrangment), Olga Alexiou (davul, vocals), and Zoe Mantzou (voice, percussion) build a sound that is both dense and flexible, with influences from jazz, classical, and psychedelia, all woven into the ancient groove of folk music. Ethereal vocals intertwine with the earthy tones of the davul and the playfulness of various percussion instruments (darbuka, defi, cymbals, etc.), while the piano constructs unique harmonies in a journey of expression seeking to evoke human emotion: from a cheerful Karsilamas to a lament from Ipeirus, from a Pontiac Dipat to a Persian love song, every Argalios concert offers an emotional spectrum from laughter to tears, just like only an authentic celebration can do.


Country: Greece
Music Genre: World


Day 04 - 25 May 2024
23:20 - 23:45

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