Astrid- (SI)

Astrid- (SI)

Astrid- is a Slovenian alternative pop singer/songwriter, electronic harpist and performer, music video directress and producer. 

In 2019 she mastered classical singing at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana, where she also studied classical harp. In 2020 she met Tomaž Zupančič, who later became her producer and partner. They have since released singles Stanovanje, DEVOJKE and Hey, Julie and their first EP Triptich, with three songs in three languages, Kostarika, Berlin and Seme

In 2023 they formed a musical group later called The Scandals, and they have since released Dry Out and Release me. In June 2024 they will be releasing their debut album 18:48.

In 2023 her single Kostarika was a superfinalist of the Milan Mladenović competition (Serbia). In 2024 Astrid- also became one of the 9 finalists of the HEMI Award. 




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Country: Slovenia


Day 02 - 23 May 2024
22:20 - 22:45

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