badfocus (CZ)

Badfocus (CZ)

badfocus is an emerging project of a Prague-based producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Prokop Korb. Despite originally coming from a jazz background, he experiments with various genres such as electronica, classical music, hip-hop, or indie pop.The main link between the mixture of genres is the indented emotional impact on listeners. Since the beginning of this project in the spring 2020, badfocus managed to release his debut album wallflower, two series of intimate EPs emerged vol. I and II., an original motion picture soundtrack new normal for the debut dance film of the Czech National Theatre, several remixes for other artists and the latest album meditating while raving. He also played numerous shows including Czech independent festivals, moreover Electronica: Vision ofSound III event in London, and international showcases such as M for Montreal, BUSH in Budapest or online edition of Athens Music Week