Being alternative is much more than a music genre label. BAiLDSA’s alternate view on music making and songwriting creates an explosive mixture of post punk and indie rock tunes blended with roots elements from the Eastern Mediterranean and dub, reggae segments. This musical fusion together with their intense and deeply political point of view results in what BAiLDSA represent as a band.

Formed and based in Thessaloniki, Greece, BAiLDSA offer their signature high energy punk rock both in studio recorded albums and explosive live shows. From heavy distorted guitar riffs and steady drum and bass lines to darker, esoteric feedback soundscapes and from up-tempo ska brass lines to melting trumpet tunes from the balkan tradition, BAiLDSA always manage to stay original and unique in their own ever evolving and diverse universe. However, one thing stands still and is always present in the band’s songwriting: a firm and loud opposition against any form of fascism, racism, sexism and suppression of human rights, an endless fight against all forms of war and division and a deep faith in humanity and open, free societies.

For the past ten years, BAiLDSA have been touring around Europe and the Balkans presenting their explosive live show to a vast variety of audiences, performing in both major venues, festivals, and small clubs gaining new fans in every gig. Their latest tour for the “WarZone” album brings a fresh yet mature performance with the band reaching the highest level offering a unique experience.