coslee (GR)

His music sounds like Tom Misch and Mac Miller had a child raised by uncle John Mayer. coslee is an intense live performer that pours his heart out in the most intimate way. His live shows are full of heartfelt bluesy guitar solos and lyrical freestyles, on top of the nastiest hip-hop grooves laid down by his super talented band mates.

coslee doesn’t see himself as a rapper; his first love was playing the blues, which he credits as the start of his music journey. He started playing guitar when he was 18, and at the age of 21 he produced and co-wrote a full-length album for his former pop/rock band (No Band Project). His debut album as a solo artist, titled ΄What Feelings Sound Like΄, was released by Fortune Cut Records in March 2022. He has been experimenting with bars only for the past couple of years, however, coslee exhibits remarkable lyrical and musical maturity. Among his most notable collaborations are with drummer Sotiris Ntouvas’ “State of Exception” project, which opened for Dhafer Yousef at Jazz+Praksis Festival 2021 (Patras).
He has collaborated as a session guitarist with various hip hop artists, among others, Pepe Frantik (GR), Nerom (GR), and Twizmatik (USA).

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