Desert Monks (GR)

Desert Monks (GR)

Desert Monks formed in 2016 in Athens, Greece in an attempt to merge a series of musical and aesthetical aspects under a familiar, yet unique, sound. Their music focuses on Alternative Rock and its subgenres, with the discrete presence of elements deriving from each member’s diverse sonic and artistic background. Their work is governed by a prominently overdriven feel with straightforward grooves, occasionally polite and unconventional harmonies, repetitive energy-building motifs and heavier bursts. Their performances are based on intense mood changes, ample dynamics and audience engagement through their lyrics, music, semantics and lighting/ show direction. Since their formation, they have performed extensively both as solo acts, as well as part of highly acknowledged lineups in venues, festivals and collective actions in Greece. Desert monks remain loyal to the heavier side of the British school combined with the musicality and the energy conveyed by the 90s scene, both of which set the foundation to apply any contemporary elements composing their inviting soundscapes.

Their second album, ‘Sympan’ (2022, Just Gazing Records), received significant critical acclaim.

They have also performed abroad (in Bulgaria and Romania) and have been part of esteemed lineups alongside artists such as Aggelakas, Pavlidis, ViC, Planet of Zeus, and Naxatras.They are set to embark on their second European tour in September 2024.







Day 03 - 24 May 2024
23:30 - 23:55

Arch Club - Live Stage