Dysanatolia (GR)

Dysanatolia” is a band whose members are united by common love and aesthetics about the traditions of both Greece and the wider Eastern Mediterranean region. Although because of the constant searches and different origins of its members, their original compositions are clearly westernized and orchestrated in a fusion mood. This creates a state in which the West constantly reigns with the East and the Balkans. The kanun switches with the saxophone and the drums with the keys. The last 8 years the band is already traveling, countless live performances in Athens, Patras, Lefkada, Yannena, Arta, performances at festivals across Greece (Preveza, Poro, etc.) also in Istanbul, which is a common benchmark of the founding members. The last 2 years they have been reconstituted, with their founding members, in the kanun (Manolis Christodoulou) and saxophone (Chris Kiriazis) and adding two new ones to the keys (Christoforos Mastorakis) and the drums (Nikos Christopoulos, Simos Konstantinidis). Playing original compositions.