Echo Basement (GR)

Echo Basement with their latest album “No Form Of Human Government” in their “luggage”, bring for the first time after the coronavirus-lockdowns their psychedelic guitar journey, two and a half years after their last live appearance in Athens.

After their debut in 2016 with the LP “Placid”, which received very good reviews and was warmly received by the public at their concerts, Echo Basement created six new compositions, which they recorded at Dudu Loft. Their album “No Form Of Human Government”, released on vinyl by Rudu Records, consists of six tracks, five of which are only orchestral, with clear post-rock references and several progressive and post-metal elements.

Their music is a mix of atmospheric and rhythmic parts, melodic, slow-moving orchestral points, but also outbursts in an experimentation that is still going on. With their clear choice on post-rock tracks and the addition of synths and samples, their participation in AMW 2022 is expected to be a highly mystical experience.

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