Freakin' Disco (HU)

Freakin’ Disco (HU)

Freakin’ Disco plays instrumental electronica. It’s deep, psychedelic, and groovy. They have been selected by HEMI to their mentoring and award program for 2024, and by IMPALA to their 100 bands to watch in 2023’ list.TOTEM was released last summer, of which the first single, Face Yourself, was produced by multi-Grammy Award winner Steve Dub, producer of The Chemical Brothers. The music video, directed by award-winning film director Szabolcs Hajdu, won the Best Electronic Music Video award at the Europe Music Video Awards. A remix by producer HRTL (CZ) was also released along with the song. 





Country: Hungary
Music Genre: Electronica


Day 03 - 24 May 2024
23:30 - 23:55

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