Hey! Douglas (TR)

VEYasin, aka Hey! Douglas is a producer and live performer. In 2003, he released his debut album with the hiphop duo “Mode XL”. He began producing electronic music in 2013, under the name “Hey! Douglas”, and released his first album Marşandiz in 2019. VEYasin’s most remarkable achievement is the uniqueness of the sounds he creates by blending psychedelic rock with funk music and hip-hop into electronic compositions, powerfully resonating with the global scene. He is a prodigiously inspired and talented artist, capable of pushing music forward by creating unique global sounds from local roots with the help of the most recent technology. VEYasin is also one of the three musical directors of Air Anatolia, a very special project produced by the EFG London Jazz Festival and Gülbaba Records; an open invitation for trailblazers and contemporary connoisseurs of the Anadolu Pop phenomenon to join forces with artists from the UK music scene, and form an intergenerational super-band on stage. VEYasin continues to rock every stage with both Hey! Douglas live shows and DJ performances all across the world.

Country: Turkey
Music Genre: Psych - Rock