Hummings (GR)

Hummings (GR)

are a psychedelic folk band based in Athens, Greece. They draw influences from many different styles of music including traditional music from all around the world, rock, prog, jazz etc. The project was created in 2022 by Odysseas Psarras (Bass), Jason Tsourelis (Guitar), Nikos Visvikis (Drums), Myrto Mari (Flute) and Vasiliki Asimakopoulou (Vocals). They’re creating original compositions that bridge the gap between musical genres, giving birth to  new soundscapes, as well as working on the recomposition of various folk songs, providing an interplay of tradition with the universal and contemporary rock band sound.



Country: Greece
Music Genre: Rock


Day 02 - 23 May 2024
23:00 - 23:25

Oddity Club