In ancient times, the country of Georgia was called Iberia; the vocal ensemble IBERI honors its homeland’s historic traditions in song. IBERI sings work songs, carols, hymns, historical ballads, and a host of treasures from the pre-Christian era with gripping intensity and virtuosity. 

Clad in their trademark black coats and boots, the musicians’ iconic brand of polyphonic singing features blocks of unconventional improvised harmonies with wild stratospheric falsetto tones floating above sepulchral bass notes. Drama, ecstasy, and tenderness are at the core of every note IIBERI sings. 

Apart from singing IBERI incorporates elements of dance and traditional instruments into its concerts.

These are songs so beautiful, they were launched into space on Voyager 2’s golden record and declared an intangible cultural treasure by UNESCO.

Since their debut in 2012 IBERI has performed at significant festivals, like Tallinn Music Week, WOMEX, globalFEST, WOMAD, Sori Festival, and at numerous festivals around the world from the USA till Malaysia.