Ikaru (TR)

Ikaru is a musical duo and an occasional audiovisual trio that was born out of a pure desire of identification with the expanded consciousness of the expressive qualities.

Originated in Ankara, Turkey; Ikaru gets its main inspiration from the timeless and placeless resorts of human culture, intertwined both with beats and notes of antiquity as well as the mind-bending bleeps of synth-scapes. Insisting upon a genre-free overall style, the sound of Ikaru resonates within a range of eclectic electronic beats, indigenous acoustic instruments, and psychedelic sloth-techno, sometimes revisiting an ambient, downtempo style.

In its essence, Ikaru seeks music that is “capable of expressing the inexpressible after silence” in Huxley’s words. The duo released their debut album ‘Monolith’ on 9.4.21 via Gulbaba Records.